Green Limpet shell earrings with pearls



These earrings are made from natural sea shells. I hand picked through them to match pairs up as closely as possible, then they were hand drilled. The back was painted gold and posts attached. These are so unique and beautiful.

The necklace is made with opal heishi beads and one single limpet shell attached. 

Since these are handmade and shell, they are extra delicate and need to be handled and stored with a little extra care. Try and keep them in a box or away from other earrings.

Do NOT  bend.


I want you to be completely happy with your purchase. Refunds are available if the item is damaged in shipping or arrives damaged. 

I am also happy to repair any item that breaks with in the first 30 days (within reason) due to material not holding up. If something is outside of that scope or outside of a typical break, that is not covered. (example: bent earring post, a break that shows force) View our full return policy here.

Because these pieces are handmade, each piece may have slight variations.